Filma en Chaco


The Chaco Filming Commission began to be created in 2020 with the aim of facilitating and encouraging the development of the audiovisual industry in the province of Chaco.
We seek to position the province as a pole of audiovisual production, which is attractive to carry out shootings of any magnitude, be they regional, national or international. For this we offer impressive locations that stand out for the virginity of their landscapes, and everything necessary to facilitate productions: services, supplies, procedures, permits, logistics and the excellence of the technicians and professionals who work in the activity.
We aspire to create a consolidated sector, an active and sustainable industry that is reflected in jobs, development of economies of culture and quality projects.


The province of Chaco is crossed by plain rivers with banks of forest or jungle, of various proportions. A large part of the rivers preserve their natural flora and fauna, with some presence of fishermen, especially in the ParanĂ¡ River.


The Province of Chaco has small and medium urban centers, among which squares, sculptures, parks, old churches, factories in operation or abandoned, urban and rural train, lagoons and reserves with abundant vegetation and fauna stand out.


A few more than 200 km from Resistencia (Capital of the Chaco) is "El Impenetrable" presents landscapes of forest and mountains in unique states of conservation and wild fauna, as well as domestic, raised by settlers settled in small communities both Creo